Our Bidding Services Company was created to instantly match qualified, available Bidders, with Executive Producers and Heads of Production the moment they need them.

Free up your available time and energy for more important tasks than checking freelance bidder avails.

We have instantly available Bidding Producers every day. Let us help save you time, energy and money. With just one phone call when you need a bidder, you have access to skilled producers, available to book for in-house placement or by our unique hourly model.

We keep our roster private publicly but clients are always in direct communication with their lead Line by Line bidder upon booking.

With our hourly contractor billing model, we only bill you for the time spent on your project. Whether that is two bidders on full steam on one day, or two hours a day spanning a week’s worth of revisions.

Sometimes you need just a little more help, not a whole day’s worth.

Your bandwidth is stretched thin, your support has left for the day, you have to head to a dinner and boards just came in. Need someone you can trust right now to get a jump on things? Call us!

Domestic and International relationships.

We have partners in production centers worldwide. We can bid with your preferred foreign service companies or recommend our favorites.

You want a second set of eyes on your approach.

Fresh, expert eyes to catch mistakes that could leave money on the table or cost you a client. Are you bidding out the projects by yourself? Is your support team not available? Have another Producer take a look!

Researchers and Coordinators.

Our Research Coordinators can assist you with tasks including bid research, equipment quotes, hotel holds, travel quotes, crew holds, stage avail checks and any other production needs.


The more you work with us, the more we get to know your company’s individual preferences, new (to you) Bidders will be armed with knowledge upon booking.


Secure & confidential.

Everyone always asks how their company info is being treated. Each company’s bid data is siloed away and only LXL Staff and assigned Bidder(s) are invited to the project. You can trust that your company’s operations are in safe hands with us.

Always available.

No really, we don’t mind. Weekends and holidays are precious down time for staff and when projects come screaming in at 4pm on Friday and due Monday? We’re ready. Prevent wasted money booking someone in advance of when you’re sure you need them.

Art department bids.

Our Art Department bidders and coordinators offer robust and refined art budgets. We can present backup quotes and vendor recommendations, allowing for smooth transition once a job books and the Production Designer is hired. We can also compile quotes based on your preferred Designer’s specifications.

What about bid templates?

We are flexible to work within production company established templates or provide our own. We have bidders who work in Hot Budget, Excel, Jiffy Bid, Showbiz, Movie Magic etc.

Let us do the legwork.

As an EP/HOP your talents are best spent focused on the bigger picture. Let us help you with the documents and bid details, freeing up your headspace to get this job booked and go get the next one!


Ask us about rates per hour or day for various skillsets and coverage.

Rates on par with industry standards.

Quarterly / Annual Retainer options available.

PHBP timecard for signatory companies or invoices processed per project, Due Net 15.

Clients without an established relationship with Line by Line may be requested to hold credit card or retainer in advance against work performed.