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Our team of skilled production bidders, ready to put their minds to work on your bids!

Your time is valuable. When you need more time in a day, we are ready to expand your staff bidding capabilities. 

When you have the fortunate problem of having too many shoots that need your attention, and board flow that makes your eyes cross, our team is ready to jump in to support yours.

Since our inception we have helped our clients win more than $60 million worth of work.


What we do


What do we do exactly? We like to call ourselves "a la carte" bidders.

At Line by Line™ we make Executive Producer’s lives easier by connecting you directly to our team of vetted content bidding producers.

Hire the right producer the moment you are in need.  A solution for overwhelm. We exist to help Production Companies expand their in-house capabilities when they don't even have enough mental bandwidth to check freelancer avails.

We don't just connect you with a producer who is available, we connect you with the bidders that have the experience you need.

Our Process

Our hourly model works well for the slightly unpredictable nature of the bidding process.

When you become a Line by Line client, you get access to our team of skilled bidding producers, and soon you will be able to submit jobs 24/7 using our secure client dashboard.

And, because we know how crazy this business is, you will be able to create new bids, check status, pause or cancel your projects instantly, from anywhere.

Your new opportunities are immediately assigned to experienced bidding producers who've got all the right data to put together industry-leading bids, and the right contacts to deliver your project on time and on budget.

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Everyone always asks us, "what if you get the boards from another company?" and "how do you treat our confidentiality?" - To be frank, we've signed enough NDAs and respect your business practices. We wouldn't have a successful business model if clients couldn't trust that we will keep their secret sauce under lock-and-key.

Our bidders are under our company NDA and everyone is on a strictly "need-to-know" basis.


We will strategically plan a bid approach to match your targets, warn you of any risks we foresee, and work to help you win the work on your terms. We can help you "hit a number" your way and trust you to run your business, you can take or leave our two cents!


Primary Specialities Union & Non Union Domestic Commercials / Foreign Service Bid Facilitation / Agency or Client Direct Estimates / In-House Production /  Music Videos /  Creative Breakdowns /  Research / Scheduling / Crew Avail Checks / Art Department Bids / PSAs / Ballparks / Cost Consultant Responses / COVID Estimates

Additional Support Services
Octerra / ABID / Stills / Post / Talent / VFX / Animation / OTT Content / Episodic / Documentary / Long Form Content / XR, AR, VR, 360 / Social Media Influencer Content / Editing Production Guidelines  / Template Improvement / Template Management / Call Sheet & Pre Pro Book support / Consultation for Improving in-house document management systems & software / Wrap Actualization
EP/HOP/Coordinator Desk Coverage

Shoot Locations We consistently bid and win work with partners in; Los Angeles / New York / Atlanta / Austin / Portland / Nashville / Chicago / Miami / Mexico City / Barcelona / Lisbon / Kiev / Prague / Auckland / Vancouver / Toronto / Santiago / Colombia / São Paolo / Peru / Montevideo / Cape Town / Mumbai / and dozens more.


Hourly rates are slightly premium compared to a standard daily rate, but you'll see the value quickly when your bidding producer's average daily cost is less than a Coordinator! Research Coordinators and Art Directors are also available.

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ObSessed with The Nitty-Gritty

Who we are

Our Inception

Line by Line was founded by advertising production veteran, Victoria Curtis. More than a decade  of experience with freelance production, and staff positions as a Bidder and Head of Production, grants her a unique perspective on what production companies value. With quickly evolving deadlines, expectations and budget targets, Victoria felt there had to be a better way to match talented producers with production companies when they need them most.

Who we are Today

We are a team of true professionals, who support each other and our clients with aligned personalities and values.

We were founded on a network of seasoned commercial production vets. We've been in the trenches and seen some shit. At Line by Line we recognize the moments when "what we've ever done before" might no longer serve the best interests of the projects in front of us. And we adapt to meet you where you are.

We consider our clients partners. We are enthusiastically committed to helping you win work and spend your energy securing more boards.


Check out what our clients have to say!

"Line by Line is an innovative approach to bidding for production companies and is a genius idea. I have already used the service and it's better than having an in-house bidder - less headache for an EP and very fast and efficient.” - O.T. / EP

"I love you! Thank you! You’re saving the day, yet again." - M.P. / HOP

"It is such a relief to know that you're just a phone call away when I am too slammed to put together a bid myself.  I always feel supported by you and your team." - E.B. / EP

"I also wanted to acknowledge you for making the bidding process so smooth. There were a lot of curve balls, but you communicated so well with us that it made everything move forward somewhat easily. Thank you for that - my whole team appreciated working with you." - A.H. / Agency

"This bid is perfect! Exactly what we needed to see for our first campaign with this client!" - S.M. / Agency

Our bidders are pretty happy too;

"I'm fastening my seat belts for this amazing ride you're taking your troops (and now me) on. The  contacts you have, the wealth of information and the opportunities you are providing make me feel quite fortunate to be a part of Line by Line.  Thx!" - B.S.

"I wanted to show you my extreme gratitude for bringing me into the Line by Line fold." - S.D.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s such a relief to know you have my back!” -T.B.

“I wanted to thank you for connecting me with [A+ company.] I’ve never worked there and I’m so excited for the opportunity!”

If you are interested in expanding your network, building relationships and filling in your free hours with paid bids that flex your brain muscles, request an application to join the team. We are not always actively recruiting team members but would love to meet you!

When you need to get it done yesterday, contact us Today!

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