Simple and Powerful

We are a team of seasoned commercial professionals with hundreds of collective years of industry experience. We have made it simpler to manage the increasingly complex bidding processes.

Time Efficiency

You are not squandering precious time checking avails, negotiating rates, or releasing holds. Line by Line matches your project with the right person based on everything your bid needs.

Accuracy and Consistency

Current going rates, formula shenanigans, exchange rates, and P&W calculations. We work hard to keep on top of the details to turn around accurate work.

Enhanced Collaboration

LXL Clients have access to our custom secure portal login. Here you can manage your budget spend threshold, with more production resources being added constantly!

Cost Optimization

When you work with us, you do not need to book your bidder in advance, or for days when you don't have info—paying as needed for the time the project requires.

Improved Bid Quality

A supervising LXL Executive increases the resources, knowledge, and template management available to our clients. Reserving your time spent on a bid for top-level insights and decisions.

Competitive Advantage

When the bid turnaround deadlines require more hours than the day is long, we expand and constrict our operations to match.

Get Started Today

Meet with our Executives to discuss our process, your business, and how we can best support your team!