Line by Line was founded by advertising production veteran, Victoria Curtis. Her decade plus of experience with freelance production, and staff positions as a bidder and HOP, grants her a unique perspective on what production companies value. With quickly evolving deadlines, expectations and budget targets, Victoria felt there had to be a better way to match talented producers with production companies when they need them most.

We have 26 instantly available bidders, line producers, art directors and production managers who understand how to navigate the bidding process. We keep our roster generally private, but you are connected directly to your bidder upon project startup.

Some executives prefer to have their bidders sitting in-house with them for face-to-face interactions, some executives prefer our hourly model, on call working remotely as the need arises. Either option is available as requested. Bidders available West and East Coast with collectively 100’s of years production experience!

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On February 7th, 2019 - Line by Line celebrated our official launch to shake up the industry.